5 Best Safety Razor Reviews-Buyer Guide

Looking for the best safety razor that will not cut or nick your face? If so, you have come to the right place. We have plenty of suggestions and ideas for shaving with a straight razor. However, there are literally hundreds of products available but if you want to find a razor blade that is perfect for an early morning shave, you need to look through reviews in order to see if the product is good. The best razor for men is not easy to find, considering that there are so many products out there to choose from. Luckily, we have a few recommendations for you to go over before deciding what razor to pick.

Look Super-Cool By Using Any Of The Top 5 Best Safety Razors

Macho brawn ultra cool men of today usually go without beard to look dashing. This is why most men look for the best safety razors from well-known brands that can be used without harming the skin. Along with the blade varieties, you do get a diamond polishing feature, a clean stubble-free look and a smooth satin finish that does not in any way, abrade your skin; and all these can be achieved only with the help of the good-quality safety razors. However, before going for any razor, it is best to check out its features. Below mentioned are some of the best safety razors available in the market today.

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The best feature of this razor is its long handle and sturdy and chrome finish. It is designed in a way that will give you a safe, smooth shave. The finishing is such that it will not stain even with constant exposure to the water. This product offers you extra close shave with the safety of a guard that protects your skin. This is why it features in the list of the best safety razors.

best Safety Razor

The interactive chart of safety razors below and the analysis that follows will help you decide what the best safety razor is for you.

We all have our personal preferences on what gives us the best shaving experience. To choose a safety razor, we can start with some basic specification and reviews of the razors. Let’s look at the comparison chart below.

he razors included on this chart are obviously not complete. There are many other manufacturers and models are available on the market, and there is no way that we could have listed everything.  However, these are the most popular safety razors that you can easily purchase for your daily use and friend’s gift. We have also deliberately listed the razors from different manufactures, sizes, colors, price ranges, and review ratings to give you a brief but great variety of selections.

What is a Safety Razor?

As the name suggests, a safety razor is a specially designed razor to reduce the risk of injury from handling blades and skin cut during shaving. Patent application of such design idea was submitted in 1847 by William S. Henson. After few decades of improvement, single-edged and double-edged become very popular worldwide.

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