Best Shaving Cream for Men

A shaving cream is one of the best aids you have to achieve a perfect shave and have a healthy, smooth face! A lot of men are accustomed to buying aerosol foams for shaving, but these products are aimed mostly at helping the razor glide and don’t provide extra benefits.

The best shaving cream for men will not only help the razor glide with ease, but at the same time it will nurture the skin and protect it against common problems such as razor burn, irritation, nicks and razor bumps.

How to apply men’s shaving cream? To get the best results possible with the cream of your choice, apply it after you clean your face with warm water and then massage it on the skin for about a minute before starting to shave.  You can use the help of a shaving brush to help lifting up the beard and exfoliate the skin below it.

How to have a Clean Shave

If you have chosen your best shaving cream, then you need to start with the traditional way of wet shaving. To get a smooth and clean shave you need to soften your beard, know how to lather, shave and indulge in after shave in the right way.

1. Soften your beard

To have a smooth and less irritating shave, you need to soften your beard. For this, you can use warm water to wet your beard or a hot towel. The best time to have a shave is however after a warm bath. This is because the skin is already moist and soft and naturally prepared for shaving.

2.Use best shaving cream to lather

If you have softened your beard, then you need to use a dollop of your best shaving cream in your shaving mug. Use a shaving brush (soaked in warm water) and twirl it in your shaving cream to produce a rich lather. Now apply it on your cheeks, chin and a little towards your neck region. Apply this lather till it is all smooth.

3. Use best safety razor

There are many safety razors available, but avoid buying a cheap one. Gillette and Mercur are two companies that manufacture safety razor in various designs and price ranges. You need to do some research on the varieties and pick your best safety razor. Using safety razor for shaving requires the right technique and expertise. For a good shave, you need to use very little pressure, angle your razor blade (30° to 45°) away from your face region, shave with your grain initially and then against it and move your razor more than once on your face.

4. After shave

After shaving, use cold water to clean your face and close the pores. Apply a bit of after shave for a smooth, irritation-free and healthy skin. Use the best shaving cream techniques while buying a good after shave.

Head shaving using the above wet shaving process produces great results. Though beginners find this uncomfortable in the beginning, practise will help you have a smooth and shiny head soon.

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